The Free-flow Parking Solution

Simplyture Parking Intelligence is a seamless parking system that is revolutionising the industry across the Nordics and the UK, with the solution successfully running in the biggest shopping centres, airports and hospitals.

How does it work?

This cloud-based solution uses ANPR cameras to detect visitors’ license plates upon entry and exit with over 99,5% accuracy. No barrier is necessary, which increases mobility in the facility and lowers maintenance/installation costs. The customers simply drive in and out without obstacles, and pay for their parking via various mobile payment apps, payment machine (before leaving the facility) or online up to 72 hours after leaving.

Fully administrate your facility

With our administration platform, you get groundbreaking insights into your parking facility and your customers.

Get real-time overviews of every aspect, obtain geographic and demographic data, change prices dynamically, manage contract customers, and so much more. The user-friendly platform taps into new data sources from car parks, and lets you export this data intelligently.

Stylish hardware solutions

Simplyture offers multiple hardware solutions to deliver the best design and smoothest user experience.

The payment machines have the shortest and easiest payment journey in the market. Optionally, Simplyture offers information screens to greet users and communicate important messages, an access control system to allow access to the facility doors from the outside, and an intercom for self-help.

The perfect solution for every parking facility


Integration with car rental services

Progressive price structure

References: Aarhus AirportVagar Airport

Open Areas

No enforcement officers needed

Low installation costs

New revenue stream from unpaid parkings

References: Hellerup Station


Manage all parties digitally



Easy access

Low administration costs

References: Rigshospitalet

Office Buildings

Increase revenue with increased parking occupancy

Digital validation for office workers

Easy access control

References: Whitgift Centre

Shopping Centres

Increase visits to your webpage by over 30% thanks to online payment

Create campaigns for frequent visitors

Integrations with specific shops, the cinema, food court, etc

References: Field'sFisketorvetFrb.CSandvika Storsenter

Commercial Carparks

Increase revenue by 20%

Less maintenance

Less administration

References: Borgergade Parkering

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